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Correction Policy

Corrections Policy

The Gazette is committed to accuracy, fairness and completeness of news articles, headlines and captions in print and online. We are committed to correcting all errors and encourage our sources, our readers and the community

These include:

  • errors of fact
  • misspelling of names
  • improper or missing context

Errors can be reported by contacting the newsroom at +33 6 24 34 95 09 or by using the contact form of SafetyPromo.net.

With the online form, requests can be anonymous, or you can provide your contact information for follow-up. The format of an online correction will vary. Inadvertent typographical errors which do not have an impact on meaning will be corrected without special mention. Misspellings of names will be corrected with a notation. Factual errors, or issues with context or which impact the meaning of a story will be corrected through the use of corrections.

In print, corrections will appear on page 2A of the newspaper, unless conditions warrant alternate treatment.  Printed corrections will appear in the next possible newspaper edition. Corrections made to online articles will be noted with an editor’s note indicating a correction has been made also will be placed on the relevant article page. These notes will include what was changed and the time at which the correction took place. Corrections will be made as quickly as possible.

Mistakes can and will happen during our reporting process. While we want to get it right, we also know we need to acknowledge when we don’t. We want to be transparent about mistakes, so our information is as accurate and complete as possible. If you have questions about this corrections policy, please contact managing editor Judelin Bedoite with suggestions or concerns.

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